What is my rate?

  • Rates vary and are set according to site bids and availability (differential pricing).

  • Site-specific rate information is not released to new users until their account may be verified. 

    • Once approved, you may view your rate information under the Analytics tab in Contempo. 
  • Payments are displayed and calculated on a CPC (cost per click) basis. Only links that receive a minimum of 100 clicks as recorded by Contempo in a given month will be paid.

  • Site rates are subject to change on a month-to-month basis.

Where may I view the publisher rates?

  • Once your account has been approved, you will find the list of rates by publisher under the Analytics tab.   

Do rates differ or change based on the country of the traffic (Premium vs. non-Premium markets)?

  • Contempo does not distinguish between countries and pays for all clicks on a qualifying link, provided that the majority of traffic originates from Premium Markets (US, UK, Canada, and Australia).

  • We reserve the right to NOT pay for any traffic for which we are not able to collect payment from our publishers. EXAMPLE: Super Fan Page generates 1M clicks to Site.com in April. After receiving their invoice for that month’s traffic, Site.com states that they will only pay Contempo for 500K clicks from Super Fan Page as the other 500K clicks were from markets that they are not able to monetize. Contempo verifies this claim as accurate and pays Super Fan Page for the adjusted amount.