How do I get paid? 

  • All users must register with via invitation which is sent to the email address of record (the one you used to sign up for Contempo after your account has been verified). 

    • Once complete, you have the choice of check (via mail), ACH (direct deposit for U.S. residents only via, or PayPal (currently available only for U.S., Canada, and India). 

    • All U.S. citizens will be required to furnish W-9 information for tax reporting. 

  • Outside of the U.S., wire transfer (click here for the required information) must be used. It's immediate and free of charge! 

    • All non-U.S. residents are required to furnish a W-8BEN (individual) or W-8BEN-E (company).

When do I get paid?

  • Terms are net-30, meaning payment for a given month’s revenue is made on the last business day of the following month. 

  • You may qualify for our Advance Pay ProgramPlease contact your account manager to enquire.