What is the difference between data in the Dashboard and Accounting views?

  • Your Dashboard uses simple click data collected by an independent third-party API to provide real-time estimates of activity for the specified date range. This view is an approximate sketch of what's happening with your shares as soon as data becomes available. 

  • You must enable Facebook Insights Analyst permissions in order for Contempo to track, record and display Facebook Instant Article clicks, post reach and CTR data. If you have not approved a request from The Social Edge - High Value business manager account for each page, please contact Customer Service. 

  • The Accounting view represents your actual earnings to date for the specified month. Data varies from the Dashboard due to site-specific reporting (Google Analytics) and Facebook Instant Article calculations (only available with Facebook permissions). It takes a lot of processing to balance these data sources which requires a delay--typically 4 hours--before your data is visible. The Accounting page gives you the most accurate data based on the number of real people that have engaged with your content.

  • You may download a more detailed list of all links recorded during the selected month by clicking Download .CSV in the upper right corner of the window.

How often is my link traffic / accounting data updated in Contempo?  

  • Accounting data (post totals, clicks and revenue) is updated every 4 hours.

Can I add my own UTM to or shorten the links I create in Contempo? 

  • No. Contempo uses sophisticated methods to track links--you don’t have to worry about a thing! Be advised that any manipulation / change to the link after you’ve generated it in Contempo will disqualify it for payment.